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Healthy School Buildings is focused on harnessing the power of information and web-mobile based approaches to promote the broad-based public awareness, engagement and, most importantly, action, needed to improve our public schools . Know the Facts, Stay Informed, & Take Action.

School Reports

School reports are first hand observations, measurements, findings & recommendations from on-site evaluations. They result from professional inspections as well as from stories, descriptions and details provided by school employees, parents and others.

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Provided here are full documents and links to major and detailed reports by governmental agencies, researchers, advocacy organizations. and other public and private groups about school building conditions, their impacts and what can be done about them.

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HSB Data Sets

Data Sets

Public data about school building conditions and many related variables are provided not only to promote greater transparency and accountability but to “expose” information that has been largely unexamined and which can provide great use to researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders of many types to look deeply at, and to analyze real-time situations as part of the process of an expanded public dialogue and to promote the development and growth of new ideas, approaches, standards and efforts to dramatically improve our schools.

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Forms and other resources that can help you document current concerns or conditions in your school..

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Photo Gallery

View photos of school conditions.

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A growing list of abbreviated definitions of hazards, conditions and related issues of concern and in schools and that impact the health, safety, well-being and comfort of school occupants.

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