Real-time School Conditions Reported on the HSB Mobile App

The easy, safe, and secure way for school educational and support staff to add their meaningful voice and describe the conditions they face every day.

The Power… of Mobile.

The HSB mobile app combines the power and ready accessibility of mobile devices with the direct, granular and site-specific, knowledge and experience of school staff, to provide real-time information about unhealthy and unsafe classroom conditions.

You Have Control

The HSB mobile app give you the ability to:

  • Identify the type of unhealthy condition
  • Detail the location of the problem
  • Describe additional details
Your Voice Matters

By providing school educational and support staff with a meaningful voice describing the conditions face every day, and explain what they need in order to protect, nurture and teach our children, will help ensure that critical repair work is conducted in a prompt, effective, verifiable and fully accountable manner.


Keeping You Connected with a Feature-rich App

Identify & Report
Share Information
Resolve Issues
Stay Informed

Engagement Is Critical

Occupant engagement, and the meaningful involvement of direct and near-direct stakeholders in all levels of school improvement-related evaluation, planning, prioritization, and solution implementation is increasingly being recognized as a critically necessary to see any sustainable, cost-effective and credible school improvement plan.

HSB App Screenshots

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