What does that mean?

Below is a growing list of abbreviated definitions of hazards, conditions and related issues of concern and in schools and that impact the health, safety, well-being and comfort of school occupants.

Asbestos Survey Information & Detail [Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – AHERA] – Room-by-Room Master AHERA IEQ Spreadsheet– This data set lists all asbestos-containing materials in every area of each school and includes the presence, location, amount and condition of asbestos-containing building materials [ACBM].  These surveys and reports are required by federal [EPA] law and individual school-specific reports should be located in each school building.

Asthma Prevalence Data – The SDP collects prevalence data on medically-diagnosed asthma at the school level and also includes selected information on inhaler usage and related details.

Crawlspace & Attic Environmental Assessment  – This is data describing conditions, primarily with respect to asbestos-containing materials, in school attic and crawlspace areas, in which ventilation system and other mechanical components may be located and that are accessed by District maintenance employees and others.

Damaged Lead Paint & Plaster Survey – [Room-by-Room Master AHERA-IEQ Spreadsheet] – this is comprehensive survey data describing conditions of walls and ceilings whether or not lead-paint containing detailing the degree and type of damage found at the time of survey.

Door Sweep Survey – This information relates to condition of basement and ground level exterior doors that are deficient and/or damaged such that their ability to stop rodent intrusion and infestation into buildings is compromised.

Drinking Water Outlet Survey – Data set of water outlet operational status based on survey work recently completed.

Energy Use/Efficiency Data – This is district-wide information, at the school level, detailing energy consumption costs, categories, use of steam, electricity, fuel oil, water, etc., and including energy star ratings and other information.

Facilities, Operations & Maintenance Work Order System [MOJO] Data – Large data base that includes data about maintenance work orders scheduled, needed and conducted and should be able to analyzed by school, by “trade”, by type of work order and other data fields.  This system has been newly upgraded.

Indoor Environmental Quality [IEQ] Master Dashboard – Data set summarizing IEQ inspections from 2010 to date and containing more than 6,000 individually documented building condition deficiencies, findings, notes, and recommendations for action, as well as remediation status information.

Lead-in-Water Data [1999-2010] – A data set documenting all lead-in-water sampling data, results and information collected over the approximately 10+ year period and providing sampling results for every drinking water outlet tested.  Additionally, school specific, individual reports for every building surveyed are also available.

Facility Condition Assessment Survey, Data & Reports – This is a comprehensive data set of major facility conditions, needs and ranking from the just completed Facility Condition Assessment Survey [July, 2015 – Feb/March, 2016].  In addition to comprehensive data, individual reports for each school should also be available.

AHERA – Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AMS – Asbestos Management Services
CRC – Condition Assessment Cost
CRN – Current Repairs Needed
CRV – Current Replacement Value
FCA – Facility Condition Assessment
HIA – Health Impact Assesment
NIOSH – The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
RV – Replacement Value in Kind