HealthySchoolBuildings – Because it is About the Kids

The Healthy School Buildings blog has been created to discuss science and policy issues relating to America’s K-12 schools and the intersection between indoor environmental quality, building conditions, occupant health and safety, academic achievement and fiscal sustainability.

We will examine, in some detail, the complex stew that is necessary to ensure safe and healthy environments in which our children can learn and school staff can teach effectively.  We will look at the scientific data and at various available information sources to better understand what is going on in so many of our schools and why.

In addition to employing the tools and  techniques of scientific inquiry to come up with data-driven and evidence-based solutions to real world problems, we will also focus on the critical need for collaboration, transparency, social justice & equity.  It is our belief that without these things our schools will look like this one from an elementary school library where poor practices – fully preventable and avoidable – allowed for mold growth over 3000 square feet of carpets, tables, chairs, ceilings and air ducts resulting in what should have been never needed remediation costing tens of thousands of $$

IMC - Overview - Mold all over Carpet

This blog will provide a granular, boots-on-the-ground look at real world school conditions and examine the costs – health, educational, financial, and more – associated with:

— Mold, mildew, persistent moisture and dampness;

— Asbestos, Fiberglass & Lead;

— Poor Indoor Air Quality [IAQ];

— Asthma Triggers including from deteriorating walls, ceilings, floors, plaster, drywall, etc;

— Pest & Rodent Infestations


* We will be including stories of teachers and building engineers;
* A map with identification of schools – conditions, reports and recommendations
* Practical guidelines and approaches